The Sickness of Europe

Viktor Orbán: Native Population Decline Is The “Sickness Of Europe”

I just came across this talk from the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, about what he refers to as the “sickness of Europe” and what is behind it. This speech is potentially about a lot of things, but I wanted to comment on the relationship between civilization and families. Prime Minister Orban talks about what he sees as a crisis in Europe—the erosion of western culture—due to population decline. He says that Europeans aren’t having babies and they’re not forming families, and this could mean the end of much of European culture.

In his speech, some things he said in particular caught my attention:

“We win only if we can build a system where those who bear children live significantly better than if they hadn’t started a family,” he said.”

And then later, he adds:

“Without families and children, the national community will disappear… and if a nation disappears, something irreplaceable will disappear from the world.”

First let me say that Fascinating Womanhood is not against immigration or any particular culture. We do not feel that western culture is patently superior, either. Cultures evolve over time and not all tradition is worth defending, though much of it is a product of generations of wisdom and should be cherished as a kind of inheritence from our forebears. Where we think Mr. Orban is on the right track is with regards to the two above statements.

It’s undeniable that family is the basic building block of communites and nations. No such collective can be stronger than its families because they are the incubators of their future productive members, in terms of competency and capacity for healthy interaction with each other—i.e, the creation of more families, and thus perpetuation of community and nation. When we lose the good that we’ve built over generations, something precious indeed is lost and this is to be resisted at all costs.

Mr. Orban suggests financial incentive to families willing to raise children, and we applaude this but feel like it’s the equivalent of placing a bandaid over a broken leg. It doesn’t really resolve the source of the illness, it only temporarily treats a symptom. To get to the heart of the problem, we must examine why people are disinclined to have kids and raise families.

Personally, I think it’s in large part owing to a rise in self-centeredness and a decrease in principles.

Many cultures today reflect a myopic view of community through an emphasis on personal lifestyle, the acquisition of wealth and property, fame and power, over the relatively risky but much more far-sighted and rewarding task of raising a family. It’s said that “you only live once,” but at Fascinating Womanhood, we believe the author of a well-crafted legacy can live forever in the memories of its beneficiaries. We believe that we can make the world a far better place one person and one family at a time.

At Fascinating Womanhood, we teach that when we focus on improving ourselves, remembering that we can only change ourselves and not others, we can cultivate something we call “feminine power” and become women of great character. And if we are blessed with the noble calling of motherhood, whether literally or figuratively, we can exercise enormous influence on the next generation, teaching them to be personally powerful and instilling within them a strong sense of principles like courage, humility, honor, charity, self-restraint, and self-improvement. These are the building blocks of great people, strong families, healthy communities, and cultures who’s values are worth preserving.

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