Within an hour, I accomplished what used to take days

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I was married at age 18 and at the time thought I was a mature and wonderful wife. It was nice to be so young and so sure of myself. But, as the years went on, I began to get faint inklings that maybe I had a few things to learn. We had a happy life together in spite of my inability to handle squabbles and heartaches.

In the spring of last year, I was introduced to Fascinating Womanhood and a whole new world seemed to open up to me. I happily practiced its principles and went out of my way to make my husband happy. I found myself happier than I had ever been—and the goal of Celestial Love becoming more and more a reality.

One day I really backslid! I was watching TV while the children ran and yelled and my husband tried to talk to me. I forgot all about being fascinating and yelled for everyone to “shut up.” Realizing what I had done, I went after him but he made it known that he wasn’t happy with me. I apologized and put everything I had learned to work on him.

Within an hour, I accomplished what used to take days, and we spent a lovely evening together, talking and loving each other.

I will always be grateful to Fascinating Womanhood for that evening, because it was the last year we ever had together. My husband was critically injured the next day.

As I sat by his bedside hoping and praying, I was so thankful we didn’t part on a sour note. I used this time to again put Fascinating Womanhood to work and told him how important he was to me, how brave and masculine he was and how much I loved him. He lived 30 days.

Now I am a widow with very tender memories and thankfulness for the few very, very special months we had and the joy we knew thanks to Fascinating Womanhood.

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