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    What is Fascinating Womanhood

    Our story

       Helen Berry Andelin was born May 22, 1920, the 6th of 7 children with 3 sisters and 3 brothers.

       Like many girls growing up, she dreamed of living happily ever after with the man of her dreams. When she met her future husband, Aubrey Andelin, she was on her way to achieving that dream. Aubrey was handsome, smart, funny and ambitious.

       They got married July 22, 1942 and were happy. But the love she dreamed about seemed elusive and she longed to have her childhood dream a reality. Their marriage was stable and they were devoted to each other but there was something lacking.

       Her good friend Verna Johnson came to her one day to visit. Helen confided to her about her search for a deeper relationship with Aubrey. Verna told her of some little booklets she had that might help her. She loaned the booklets to Helen; they changed her life forever. She was amazed by how quickly Aubrey responded to the principles of Fascinating Womanhood and how happy her marriage became. Further conversations with friends on the subject inspired her to adapt portions of the pamphlets and develop a unique philosophy. 

       She discovered that there were many women who longed for the same thing she did so she offered to teach a class in her home to about 8 women. One thing led to another and soon her classes had gotten so big that she couldn’t teach them in her home any longer. She moved to a local church and taught women on a larger scale. 

       These ladies begged her to write down everything she had been teaching them in a book so they could read it multiple times. Some people have mistakenly thought the book she wrote was basically a copy of the original booklets. That was totally untrue. She had not only adapted them for married women, but had felt inspired to include other principals not even mentioned in the 1922 version.

       She found it difficult to find a publisher for her book so she and Aubrey decided to just do it themselves. In those days, paperback wasn’t really an option. Everything was hardback. Aubrey got the best break financially when he agreed to publish 5,000 books, and that’s just what they did. It filled up their garage and they were suddenly in the publishing business.

       So many women had taken her class by the time the book was printed, they sold out very quickly and found they had to publish more.

       Before they actually got a publisher a few years later, they had sold about 75,000 out of their garage, Helen had written a workbook for students and was working on a sequel for single girls, more updated to the 1960’s called Fascinating Girl.

       The rest is history. She had a large teaching program that included about 1,500 teachers from around the world. She had gone on publicity tours and was interviewed on television many times. Her goal was always to help marriages and women to achieve the happiness she had discovered through living the principals of Fascinating Womanhood.

    Helen B Andelin left behind a substantial legacy, including 8 children and more than 60 grandchildren. Her legacy survives to this day mostly through her four daughters, pictured here from left to right: Dixie, Merilee, Kristine, and Ginny.
    Dixie Andelin Forsyth, President of Fascinating Womanhood

    Dixie Andelin Forsyth is  Helen Andelin’s eldest of four daughters. She was also one of Helen’s protégées during the height of the Fascinating Womanhood movement. It was Helen Andelin’s intention to write a follow-up book to Fascinating Womanhood: an update to reflect changes in modern culture. Before she passed away, Helen asked Dixie to take up this task.

    Dixie was raised with the teachings of Fascinating Womanhood under the guidance and personal tutelage of the author herself. In her private life, she is happily married and the mother of seven children, an accomplished artist, and homemaker. Dixie is the author of Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman. Dixie is also the current President of Fascinating Womanhood. 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman (or ‘Timeless,’ as it is often called) is the authorized sequel to the original book that started the movement. This book expands the message to a broader and deeper scope and was written by Dixie Andelin Forsyth, our founder’s eldest daughter. ‘Timeless’ is the present cornerstone book of our organization, and this is where we recommend you start.

    There are a number of other books in the Fascinating Womanhood library, but the main book that started the movement in 1963 is called Fascinating Womanhood. The most recent edition is called Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition (often called ‘Vintage’). This version reflects the most modern perspective of the movement and is currently available for sale through our publishing operation for a limited time in hardback format only. You can also find Vintage on Amazon.com.  

    We also offer updated versions of the classic works by Helen Andelin, including: Fascinating Girl Vintage Edition, and All About Raising Children Vintage Edition. 

    Additionally, we offer self-study workbooks that support Timeless and Vintage, and we will soon offer The Love Library, a collection of relationship diaries with special prompts that you fill out yourself to help enrich your relationship. 

    The original Fascinating Womanhood contains dated material that we have updated in the Vintage Edition–currently available at our website and on Amazon.com. We will not authorize the reprinting of the classic edition after 2019 and we no longer recommend it for study because we consider it outdated.  

    We teach that service can be an expression of love, but there is nothing in Fascinating Womanhood teachings that suggests women are less important than the men in their lives. We actually teach that civilization starts with women, and that we are the linchpin of everything that is good that comes out of culture and society. Fascinating Womanhood teaches that femininity, which mostly relies on influence, is at least as great as masculinity, which has more to do with force.

    It’s impossible to be completely neutral in today’s political world. Fascinating Womanhood does not endorse any particular political party or ideology, but we do have values and they can sometimes place us in a partisan position in some people’s eyes. We support notions of individual liberty and autonomy, while admitting they must be balanced against the requirements of duty and the needs of community. Chiefly, we are about strengthening family and nurturing mankind.

    Fascinating Womanhood started as a secular women’s movement. After some time, supporters asked us to express our views in Christian terms and this was done for a time so it could be taught in churches–Bible verses were put in the first printing of the book in 1963. Helen Andelin realized her original book needed to return to its more inclusive roots after a trip to Japan to address local followers; the local publishers asked her for revisions to make it more relatable to people of other faiths. From that point, she began planning for such revisions throughout the movement and these were finally accomplished in 2017. The secular position of Fascinating Womanhood is not a post-Helen Andelin trend, as some critics have suggested. It originated with her and it was her final wish that we return to our origins to reach a broader audience. Fascinating Womanhood has grown in to a global organization that embraces all cultures and faiths, and the Vintage version of the book reflects this fact. We do not espouse a particular religion, though we do sometimes discuss our broader faith in a higher power and we welcome sincere expressions of spirituality from everyone.

    Certainly, though our expertise is in the area of male-female heterosexual relationships. Fascinating Womanhood has over 50 years of experience saving countless relationships and marriages and a global community of female support for women who desire the best relationships they can have with the men in their lives. We have a lot to say about individual empowerment, fulfillment, and happiness, and some of what we say may not seem inclusive to some lifestyles. Our organization does not intend anything in our message to exclude, belittle, or trivialize what is outside our experience. We welcome all who are respectful and wish to add positively to our community. We do not intend our forums to be open to men in general, though we may admit some men on a case basis, particularly web administrators, marketers, and other members of our organization who support our operations.

    The philosophies and teachings of Fascinating Womanhood are and have always been determined by women. Our executive committe is willing to learn from experts in relevant fields and has benefited by doing so in the past; we will continue to do so. Dixie Andelin Forsyth, our President, is married to a licensed neuropsychologist and has benefited from his instruction generally. But Fascinating Womanhood teachings come from Helen B. Andelin, Dixie Andelin Forsyth, and the Fascinating Womanhood Committee, and there is no one who can supersede this board. Business managers have assisted Fascinating Womanhood in the past and, in the present day, several executive directors are males, but they have very little to do with determination of the teachings and philosophies of the movement. Men are often consulted regarding the subject of understanding men, as they should be, and so their input can be invaluable in certain circumstances. In some ways, it may be said that Fascinating Womanhood exists as much for the betterment of women as men. Ultimately, Fascinating Womanhood is a women’s movement by women and for women.

    We are not currently accepting new applications for teachers. We’ve closed this portion of our operations temporarily because of high demand and limited resources. We will announce to the public if and when we re-open general acceptance of applications. Being a certified teacher is a big responsibility that requires training, a committment to maintaining principles, and upholding a certain image. We require our teachers to reflect Fascinating Womanhood teachings whenever they behave or communicate in their capacity as a teacher, or whenever the public may perceive them to represent Fascinating Womanhood. We also require teachers to use their own initiative to find students and to teach, though we do provide support in these matters. We certify teachers for a period of 2 years, subject to ongoing recertification. Recertification requires review and proof of compliance with standards and expectations. We issue certificates to our teachers but the only definitive list of certified teachers appears on this website. This means that if a name doesn’t appear on our website list of teachers, they aren’t certified. 

    The Fascinating Womanhood
    Executive Committee

    Cherry Lynn

    Vice-President of FW

    Cherry is the Vice-President of Fascinating Womanhood and a close collaborator with Dixie Andelin Forsyth. Cherry also handles Fascinating Womanhood’s social media presence and is instrumental in marketing, business operations, and public relations.

    Lisa Forsyth

    Executive Director

    Lisa is an Executive Director and personal assistant to Dixie Andelin Forsyth, President of Fascinating Womanhood. Lisa grew up with the principles of Fascinating Womanhood and was personally mentored by Helen Andelin to be a teacher. Lisa is also the principal designer of FW’s teaching materials. 

    Ginny Leavitt

    FW Comittee Secretary

    Virginia Andelin Leavitt is the daughter of Aubrey and Helen Andelin and sister of Dixie Andelin Forsyth. She has been married to Robert Leavitt for 43 years and acknowledges the principles of Fascinating Womanhood as foundational to her happy marriage. They have 15 children and 40 grandchildren. She is one of the original Fascinating Womanhood teachers and currently assists the Fascinating Womanhood movement as a secretary.

    Kristine Hales

    FW Comittee Advisor

    Kristine Andelin Hales is the daughter of Helen and Aubrey Andelin and sister of Dixie Andelin Forsyth. She has been married to Steve Hales for 40 years. They have 9 children and 40 grandchildren. Kristine is an experienced Fascinating Womanhood teacher. 

    FW Operations

    Robert D. Forsyth, PhD

    Fw Consultant

    Robert Forsyth is a licensed and practicing neuropsychologist and Dixie’s husband of 50+ years. Robert is an invaluable resource in his area of expertise and is a close advisor to Dixie Andelin Forsyth. 

    Richard Forsyth, JD/MBA

    Business Manager

    Richard handles Fascinating Womanhood’s general business operations and is an assistant to Dixie Andelin Forsyth. He is also FW’s website administrator.