Trouble With In-Laws? FW Can Help!

Ladies, I get SO many questions from you for help with in-law problems! Trust me, you’re not alone. In-law troubles have always been around in one form or another; I even dealt with that a bit years ago. While you usually choose your spouse, his extended family can sometimes be more than you bargained for. Not feeling accepted by them, having difficulty with differing family customs or beliefs, or seeing them treat your man or children with contempt can be painful but also dangerous to your marriage. Why? Because, if not handled carefully, more than one relationship can be greatly affected. Do you sometimes feel like you’re in the middle of a virtual sandwich? That is more normal than you might expect.

Let’s go over the 14 most common types of “sandwiches” and to try to address each one. Hopefully by the end of this exercise, you will feel more equipped to smile and press forward with a greatly reduced stress-o-meter.

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