Wow, I Love That Man Now!

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

“My biggest problem was love. I had not been taught what love was like. Acceptance was the key word for me. Wow, I love that man now! No more picking—he’s too perfect. He has his faults, but not many. How wonderful it is to have a man to lean on. He makes the major decisions. Since it’s been this way, he always makes them in my favor and consults me frequently. I turned the budget over to him (it was a mess) and told him how it had affected me to worry about it. I had a rough time keeping my fingers out. At the end of the year, all of our emergency savings were gone and there was just thirteen dollars left to pay life insurance, car insurance, etc. He cried “help!” and I said, “Forget it. I’m not even going into the den anymore. I get sick thinking about finances.”

Now it’s a month later. I asked him how we were making out and he said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got it all figured out.” He has too—right down to the penny. It took over a year but it was worth it. I feel great. I could go on forever. The happiness we share is the most beautiful and precious possession I have. I no longer look longingly at those few successful and happily married couples—you know, the ones that GLOW—because not we’re one of them!”

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