Earth-Shaking Results

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   I have always been happily married (14 years) and have a marvelous husband so as I read Fascinating Womanhood, I was thinking how this could help Jan or Mary. Then it seemed so easy and like magic that I thought I best put it to work. Well, let me tell you, I could hardly believe the response. I thought perhaps two areas were overstated a bit, so I tried them.  My husband reacted exactly as you said he would. I stand back amazed at the simplicity of Fascinating Womanhood, yet the profound truths are nothing short of earth-shaking!!

   Needless to say, it is hard to be quiet about something that can change marriages into happy, loving units with two partners working together, rather than opposing each other. The very same week, I read Fascinating Womanhood, three women came to me saying they were ready to walk out on their husbands—that they’d “had it.” Now I had some concrete help to give them. I know you’ll believe me when I say that one of the women 3 weeks later farmed out her 3 children and she and her husband wet on a week’s “honeymoon.” The second woman realized she was guilty of self-righteousness and 2 weeks later there was giggling back in their home. The 3rd woman wouldn’t try one thing and their marriage is still on the rocks.

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